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Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to vacuum! One that will loosen up your beloved carpet, make it look messy, and of course, leave it all dirty. To help you make sure that you aren’t making any of the common mistakes that result in a filthy floor, Capital Cleanpro in Central Ohio has a few tips to vacuum the right way!

How to Vacuum Your Floors Correctly

Prepare Appropriately

Prepare by reading your vacuum’s instructions, using the right nozzles for each task, moving the furniture around and picking up any mess in the zone you’re cleaning, and starting with a clean dust bag!

Take it Slow!

You may think that vacuuming is a big hassle, but if you do it room by room, the task will seem less tiring. At the same time, make sure to vacuum slowly, so you have a chance to get all the dirt out!

Constant and Thorough

Avoid dirt build up by vacuuming regularly (2-3 times a week to abstain from overdoing it) and thoroughly! Pay special attention to the corners, and tough spots under furniture because that’s where filth hides!

Learn the Dance!

Vacuuming consists of some choreographed steps you should learn to do it correctly! For example, remember to vacuum front to back and left to right over a same spot to clean it fully. Likewise, vacuum your way out of a room to avoid re-dirtying the area with your shoes!

Make it Extra Clean

If you want to make sure that your flooring is spotless, then a professional cleanup is what you need! Remember that the Capital Cleanpro team is an expert in carpet cleaning in Central Ohio. With us, you can rest assured that your carpet will be good as new when we’re done with it!

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