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If you’ve got older carpet, you are already versed in how to repair loose carpet pieces and how to patch areas that have exhibited wear and tear that betray the carpets age. Now, what do you do when you decide it’s time to finally replace that old carpet? You want to be conscientious of the environment and not simply throw the old carpet to the curb. If you use a professional installation company they will likely take the old carpet to a recycling facility if you choose, but why not think about a few creative ways you can reuse some of those carpet scraps to make your own home a better place? Whether you decide to go with something new, or to keep the old stuff, remember that you’ll eventually need a great, professional clean. When that time comes, remember Capital Cleanpro for carpet cleaning in Central Ohio

In the Home

  • If you’ve got houseplants, you can cut out a scrap piece of carpet to place under the pots to act as an absorber for the water that may leak from the plant. Of course, you’ll have to replace these carpet scraps every once in a while in order to avoid inviting mold into your home.
  • You can use carpet to help absorb noise in your home
  • placing a piece of carpet under the washing machine and/or dryer is a great way to keep them from shaking, and to muffle the noise when they do
  • likewise, you can put carpet in the bottom of your kitchen cabinets in order to muffle the noise of moving around pots and pans
  • If you have pets in the home, cats specifically, and want to prevent them from scratching up your furniture when trying to sharpen their claws, you may consider making a scratching post out of carpet scraps. Don’t forget to place it strategically near the furniture you do not want them to scratch.

In the Garden

  • You can use carpet scraps in your flower garden by placing the carpet upside down and then burying it in soil. You’ll then plant your flowers in the soil as normal. This is a great way to prevent weeds from coming through, and if the weeds do grow on top of the soil, their roots will not be strong enough to penetrate the carpet and they’ll therefore, be easier to pull.
  • In your vegetable garden you’ll want to cut the carpet scraps into small pieces and incorporate them into the soil and mulch you’ll be using as fertilizer.

In Your Car

  • You can make new car mats for the floor of your car, by cutting out and shaping scrap pieces of carpet.
  • You can also add a strip of carpet to your trunk in order to keep your items from sliding around in your trunk so easily. The carpet will act as traction.

Now that you’ve upcycled some of the old carpet, your environmentally friendly conscience may decide it’s time for a carpet cleaning on that new carpet of yours. Remember that we offer a green clean approach and do not use any harsh chemicals or materials that will harm your family. For carpet cleaning in Central Ohio, contact us to schedule your consultation and cleaning service, 614-531-3398. Don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets!

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