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We all do our best to keep our carpets and home clean for our family, but sometimes regular cleaning just isn’t enough. Capital Cleanpro in Central Ohio has some tips on what to look out for when cleaning your carpets next.

Odor Coming From the Carpet
With so many products available to easily eliminate air borne odours in and around our homes, it’s easy to forget their root cause. If you find that you are constantly spraying odor remover around your home, look down at the carpet.  There’s a high chance that the smells and odors in your home are originating form you carpet and could benefit from a CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning service.

Getting carpet back to its original color
The next time you are vacuuming your carpets, take notice of the color and try to think back to what the color of the carpet originally looked like. If you can’t remember, then it’s likely time for a professional clean.

Water Damage
It can be easy to overlook the damage down by water leakage.  Even though the carpet feels dry to touch, there is likely mold growing at the base and causing discoloration and odors. In addition to these visible signs of damage, mold can cause problems with you and your family’s health.  If you suspect this has occurred and there is water damage to your carpet, it is advisable you get a professional carpet clean.

This, and other tips such as how to repair loose carpet, can be found on our blog. If keeping your carpet and home clean is important to you, call us on 614-531-3398 and speak with one of our carpet cleaning specialists at Capital Cleanpro in Central Ohio and speak about CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning and many of our other cleaning technologies in Central Ohio.

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