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Time and use can be big enemies for your carpet. For example, it can become loose, which is not only annoying and unsightly, but it can cause accidents around your home (i.e. someone can trip over it). This is why, if you have a loose carpet at home, you should take care of it as soon as possible. If you need a bit of guidance in this subject, continue reading this post!

Use the Right Tools

For starters, you need to acquire certain tools in order to undertake this restoration project:
  • Work gloves
  • Knee kicker
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Pneumatic stapler
  • Carpet cutter

Uncover the Tackless

The next step is to uncover the tackless, which is a wooden object with nails on one side, and tacks on the other that is used to attach the carpet to the floor. Gently pull the loose end of the carpet to expose it.

Reposition the Tackless

To continue, you’ll have to reposition the tackless by moving it about half an inch to the side of its original spot. Place the tackless with its nails facing down and hammer it there to make new holes on the floor.

Tighten the Carpet

Now, you’ll want to take the knee kicker and use it to extend and tighten the carpet. Work your way towards the loose end to ensure that you’ll have firm and secure carpeted floors once more.

Set It in Place

For the following step, you’ll have to use the hammer and chisel. This is to make sure that the carpet and tackless are firmly attached to one another so your flooring won’t become loose again. Then, use the pneumatic stapler to secure the carpet further.

Take Care of the Excess

If after you’ve tightened the carpet, you notice that there’s some excess fabric on its edges, you can cut it off with the carpet cutter. This will keep your carpet from looking disheveled or causing an accident. 

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