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Your carpet provides to your home that cozy and elegant environment that you were looking for and we're sure everyone wishes to have a carpetOn the down side, furniture and other heavy objects can dent your carpet. Don’t worry it’s a normal condition and fortunately there is something you can do about it. That’s why at Capital Cleanpro in Central Ohio we created this post that will help you to deal with this condition.

Tips On How To Remove Carpet Dents

Remove Your Furniture

Yes, this is an obvious one just remember that not only heavy furniture could dent your carpet. Chairs, stools and basically anything that applies regular pressure to your carpet could create this situation. 

Cool Off

Put an ice cube on the dent and leave it  there until it slowly melts. This will make that your carpet’s fibers get their normal appearance, just be careful to not flood the area. 

Blot the remaining moisture by using a clean cloth and remember to be gentle. If your carpet’s fibers are still flat, you can use a blunt knife to carefully lift them. If it’s possible change your furniture position, that way you will let the area rest.   

Furniture Coasters

A good way to avoid this situation in the future is placing furniture coasters under the legs of your bed or sofa. That way its weight will be distributed and it won’t stress the area. Another way to prevent it’s regular vacuuming.

Your carpet requires cares and we are glad you are doing something about it! Remember that one of a fundamental things that will keep your carpet tidy is calling the professional cleaners at least once a year and you can’t go wrong with Capital Cleanpro.

We’ll make sure that your carpet gets the results our competence can’t even imagine, no wonder we are the best carpet cleaning in Central Ohio. To know more about us and our unique cleaning system please call 614-531-3398.

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