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 You may or may not have many wooden surfaces in your home, however you’re bound to have a few that you absolutely love and wish to keep in the best condition possible. Whether it is something exquisitely modern or an old piece that’s been passed down in your family, it’s important to know how to take care of those wooden surfaces in your home. Cleanpro Capital would like to assist you with that today, by giving you a few great tips to care for your wooden surfaces.

Always remember to dust your wooden surfaces using the appropriate equipment. Feather dusters and rags made of terry cloth are your two best options. You don’t want to use harsher rags, or anything that will scratch or damage the wood. If you can see the direction the wood grain is traveling, you’ll do well to dust the furniture in that direction as well. This will help to maintain the natural flow of the wood and not damage it.

You should familiarize yourself with the type of wax that has already been used on your furniture and ensure that is what you use in the future as well.

Remember that there are two major types of wax, liquid and paste:
If you use liquid wax on your furniture you will have protected wood, at the least. You’ll also find that it is very easy to apply, but that you’ll have to do so on a regular basis in order to keep it shiny and looking great.

Whereas using paste wax, you’ll find that you can apply it every two years or so. The difficulty with paste wax is that you’re going to spend more time in the application process.

Again, it’s best to figure out what wax was originally used on the furniture, and if possible stick with that type of wax application.

Now that your wooden surfaces are looking as good as new, it may be tough to see them next to your carpet, which may be due for a professional clean. If that is the case, have no fear, and remember that Cleanpro can help you keep your carpet clean too. For carpet cleaning in central Ohio,  be sure to contact us at 614-531-3398. Remember, don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets.

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