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No stain is welcome on a carpet. However, there are some that are so stubborn that they’re especially mortifying when you find them in your flooring. In this post, Cleanpro Capital in Central Ohiowill give you a list of the most harmful substances for your carpeting, so you can be extra careful when handling them.

Most Stubborn Stains 


We love it on hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and many other tasty meals. However, its bright yellow hue is a pain to clean because it grabs onto your floor like there’s no tomorrow.


Who hasn’t let out a tiny scream whenever they see their pen has spilled all over their clothes or purse? This exact same feeling takes over  whenever you find ink in your carpet!


Hyper-active kids, carpets, and brightly-colored sweet drinks make up the perfect recipe for disaster! Your children love Kool-Aid, but your carpet may suffer.


Make-up can be perfect to cover flaws and enhance your natural beauty. Sadly, this isn’t the case with our carpets! Make-up can leave a stain that no amount of concealer can hide.


Blood on a carpet is no good for a couple of reasons. The first one being that it means that an accident has happened. The second is that it’s very hard to clean up!


You wake up from your slumber and you get to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. But, in your dormant state, you’ve spilled it on the carpet! Now there’s a very stubborn stain on your floor.

For Carpet Cleaning in Central Ohio…

If these or any other stains have made their way to your carpet, don’t panic! Cleanpro is more than prepared to get your floor back to its previously glorious state. Our fast-drying method is safe for you and the environment since it doesn’t leave any harmful residue. Call 614-531-3398 to book an appointment today!

And remember, “Don’t steam your carpets, CLEAN your carpets!”

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