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Your vacuum cleaner is your best partner to remove dust and other abrasive particles that can damage your carpet’s fibers, plus they help to keep your home tidy. However, frequent use also means regular maintenance.

There are many things that can’t prevent your appliance from operating properly. For this reason, at Capital Cleanpro in Central Ohio, we would like to share with you some advices to keep your vacuum cleaner in perfect conditions. 


Keep in mind that once a vacuum bag is over half its capacity, it will decrease its suction power, hence forcing it to work harder. You can prevent this by checking it often and use reusable bags. 


Before you use your vacuum cleaner, check that there are no strings or hair tangled in the brushes; this problem is very common and it won’t allow your appliance to move freely. While you are at it, clean the brushes and oil them at least once a month. 


Look carefully for any cracks or holes in your hose that can reduce your cleaning power. Also, check for clogs; it’s not rare to come across tissues, gum or even socks that get stuck and that can exhaust your vacuum cleaner’s motor. 


You take your vacuum cleaner to every spot in your home, so it’s normal that the wheels get cover in filth, which can lead to carpet stains. To avoid this problem, simply clean the wheels with a wet cloth. 

These simple tips will keep your vacuum cleaner working perfectly, so you can keep your home nice and tidy - don’t forget these signals that you need to call professional carpet cleaners

If you are currently looking for carpet cleaning in Central Ohio, consider CLEANPRO. Our exclusive system combines the sciences of thermodynamics, kinetics, fluid mechanics, and economics, only to provide you with incredible results you won’t find elsewhere. And remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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