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Makeup is meant to conceal flaws and enhance the natural beauty of anyone’s face. Unfortunately, when it ends up on the carpet, it does the exact opposite! The stains it produces can be an eyesore and make the whole room look dirty.

If this has happened to you, Capital Cleanpro in Central Ohio has a few tips on how you can restore your carpet back to its original glory!

How to Get Makeup Off Your Carpet


Your lovely blush, your colorful eyeshadows, your contouring bronzer and your trusty setting powder, can be a pain to get rid of if they come in contact with your carpet. To do it:
- Vacuum the excess, if possible.
- Mix dishwashing soap and water and spray it on the affected area.
- Then, gently dab it with a clean cloth to lift off the stain! Do this until it’s completely gone.
- Let the area dry thoroughly. 


Your foundation, concealer, cream blushes and eyeshadows, some lip products, etc., are experts at making you look good, but their consistency can cause big trouble on your floor!
- Take a spoon and carefully get rid of what hasn’t been absorbed into the carpet.
- Sprinkle baking soda over the stain and let it grab on to it for a couple of minutes.
- Vacuum the baking soda off. 
- Apply shaving cream and a bit of water to the area and proceed to blot it off with a towel.
- Once the stain is gone, make sure your carpet dries out completely.


Wax makeup products, like eye pencils, lipsticks, and mascara, can make your best features pop up. Sadly, they can also result in a very noticeable stain. To get rid of them:
- Combine warm water with dishwashing soap in an atomizer and spray the spot.
- Get a clean rag to carefully blot it off. Make sure not to rub or be too harsh!
- Repeat if necessary until the stain is completely gone.
- Remember to ventilate the affected area so it can dry up.

For Professional Carpet Cleaning in Central Ohio…

Sometimes, the stains just won’t go away despite our best efforts. If that’s the case, call the Cleanpro team at 614-531-3398 to get a professional deep clean. You’ll find that our CLEANPRO® CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM will leave your carpet spotless once again!

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