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Dogs are definitely man’s best friend, you know that unique feeling when you get home and they are more excited to see you than most of your relatives. Dogs are great and we don’t have to tell you that.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides you have to deal when you are having your dog in your house, especially during this harsh winter. That’s why here at Clean Pro in Central Ohio we have a few tips that will help you to keep your carpet clean and your dog happy.


Your dog have needs and if you are not around to take them out, they will go for it. Don’t get mad, instead clean right away. A simple way to do it is pouring cold water to the affected area and immediately vacuum it, it’s very important that you don’t let the water settle. Repeat as many times it takes. 


When it comes to odors, baking soda is a powerful friend. Sprinkle some on the affected area and let it settle for at least a day, you can easily remove it with your vacuum cleaner. This will also prevent that your dog associates that spot as his potty.


Another thing that drives dog owners crazy is when their pets start to dig their carpet. There are many reasons for this behavior: Boredom, to burry a prey or need for attention. To prevent this you can take your dog for a walk, if it’s too cold you can play with him indoors or you can take him to a training class.

Your dog must be treated like another family member, don’t get angry because some of the things his instinct tells him to do.

Remember that carpet cleaning is recommended twice a year, especially if you have pets and children. So if you are having some dog related stain it’s time to call the pros. 

Clean Pro has an unique eco-friendly system that and won’t harm your family nor your 4 legged friend. So if your are looking for carpet cleaning in Central Ohio, we are the best option. Try us! For more information about us please call (614) 531-3398.

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