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Cats are fantastic pets that offer great companionship, hunting vermin abilities and above all who can resist when a cat purrs?

Most people think cats scratch your furniture and carpet to shape their claws, this is partly true, although the main reason is communication. Their paws have scent glands that will communicate something to other cats. What do they say? We don’t know yet.

As you can see your cat is not destroying your carpet willingly, it’s a natural necessity for them. But do they have to ruin your carpet? The answer is no, that’s why here at Capital Clean Pro we give you a few tips to avoid this situation.

Scratching Posts

You should get at least one post and put it on a visible place where your cat goes often, make sure it’s long enough so you cat can stretch completely. You will have to reward every time they use it and discourage when it’s clawing other places.  

Citrus Mix

If your cat keeps scratching your furniture or carpet you can keep it away from those areas by spraying a mix of water, orange and eucalyptus oil. This will also give your home a pleasant smell. 

Don’t Declaw Them!

Your cats claws are part of the bone if you make this cruel procedure you’ll make your cat suffer and disabling it for life! Besides why should you inflict such pain for something that’s completely natural. A possibility is to trim its claws every time you take him to the vet. 

The most important thing is to be patient! It takes time for your cat to get used to their posts but in the long run they will understand. 

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